Supporting career development in the social care sector

28 June 2022
Social care can offer so many rewarding career development opportunities - as the testimonies from these inspiring Dimensions colleagues highlight.
Supporting career development in the social care sector

Support workers play an invaluable role in the lives of people with learning disabilities and autism, yet recruitment and retention across social care is currently under so much pressure.

Many employers are exploring innovative and successful approaches to social care career development. Here at Dimensions, we wanted to compare notes with other organisations about how we can encourage great people into social care, nurture amazing career journeys once there and make a difference to the people they support. 

This is why we developed the Aspire programme, which more than 450 Dimensions colleagues have undertaken. Participants, gain professional qualifications, develop leadership skills and boost self-confidence. In fact, this programme is so successful in offering opportunities for career progression that 80% of Aspire participants are promoted following their participation.

“It has truly enabled me to take my career on to the next level. Having worked at a variety of companies, it is so wonderful to work at such a truly supportive organisation where you are empowered to take charge of your career progression.”

In this article from Learning Disability Today, read the testimonies of three Dimensions colleagues who share their experiences on how the programme helped shape their careers: